Draw Two Parrots In Love | Two Parrots In Love Drawing

Draw Two Parrots In Love

Draw Two Parrots In Love

Draw Two Parrots In Love: Hi Today we will show you how to make a new drawing which is very easy. In it today we draw two parrots who are in love with each other. Love is not only for man but for every animal. Animals also understand each other’s language. And man does not understand their language. Parrots are very beautiful birds. Its color is green.

This green color is often liked by every man. Therefore, most of the drawings are filled with green color so that their drawings look very cute because of this green color and the viewers are also happy to see the drawing. I am dividing the drawing of the parrot into two parts which will be easy for you to understand.

First StepĀ  For Two Parrots Drawing:

Now I am starting the first step of drawing a parrot which is a bit difficult because in it we have to draw the parrot and the branch on which it is sitting. In this we first made a tree branch on which the parrot could sit. We will make the twig completely and then we will draw its parrot.

We didn’t make a parrot, we made two parrots that would sit right next to each other. We will make his eyes and feet. We will also make its feathers and its tail. Their feet should be on the twig so that the parrot can be seen sitting on the twig.

Second Step For Two Parrots In Love:

Now in the second step we will take a look at the drawing of the parrot that we have made so that there is no mistake in it, it is well made. Then we have to color it in the drawing. We have to fill the parrot’s beak with red color and the rest of its body with green color and we have to fill this branch with brown color. After that our parrot drawing will be completed.