How To Draw Jug | Jug Drawing

How To Draw Jug

How To Draw Jug: Hi friends I’m here today to tell you about How To Draw Jug that no one else has told you. I will tell everyone about it. Drawing a jug is not difficult, even small children can make it. I wanted to tell you about drawing a good kind of jug. We need a little time to make it. Because whatever we do, it will take time for us to do it.

For this we have to have a lot of colored pencils because we can draw the jug and fill it with color to enhance its beauty. The more we draw and the better the color, the more our drawing will look lovely and the rest of us will want to make a drawing.

Steps Of Jug Drawing:

Let me tell you where to start and where to end the jig drawing. Because whoever does the work should know where to start and where to end. That’s why I want to tell you the steps. You see and read the steps.

First Step:

First we will sketch the jug with the help of a soft pencil. First we will put two lines then we will put a half line on top of these lines and we will put a line between them. Then after that we will make two parts of it inside the jug. Then we make a bracelet from which we can hold the jug. At the end of it, we will use a black pencil to sharpen all the lines so that our drawing becomes smooth and cute.

Second Step:

In this step, it will be filled with different colors. Inside the jug we will see the sky. You can fill in the rest wherever you want and fill in whatever color you want. Because not everyone likes colors. So fill in the color of your choice.