How To Draw Roses | Roses Drawing

How To Draw Roses

How To Draw Roses

How To Draw Roses: Today I am here to tell you How TO Draw Roses. Today I will tell you how to draw flowers. We can make flowers very easily. Because we all see flowers every day. It is always with us. Most people have flowers planted in their homes. Due to which the beauty of the house is greatly enhanced so people invest in the yard of the house. And their scent is very good. Which every man likes. These flowers are often used in weddings and large functions. Today we have to draw these flowers. And I’ll tell you what it takes to make a flower and how to draw.

First Step for Rose Drawing:

Here I am going to tell you how to make a flower. You will take a closer look at how to make it. In this we first have to take a pencil with the help of which we have to make flower petals on paper and the leaves under it. First of all we have to make flower petals in a very good way and very clean leaves so that the drawing of flowers becomes very cute. People started liking our drawing of this flower. We can also color the leaves and the underside.

Second Sep For Rose drawing:

Before that we had the first step in which we just drew the flower with a soft pencil. And we have to fill it with color. We have to fill the leaves with red because the rose is always red. Then we have to fill in the green color of the rose petals under it so that our drawing looks like it is a real flower.